Important information for people who ride snowmobiles

What to take care of? What to bring?

  1. The first and very importanat rule: never go on a trip alone because if there is any problem we cannot ask for help.
  2. If you go on a long trip, fill up the tank. It is good to always have a rope with you and some chocolate, and mobile phone because at most of the places they work.
  3. If the snowmobile gets stuck always get off from it and try to move it by adding little gas. If it does not work, than it must be pull out. Always have an extra angle belt with you.


Accident prevention during riding a snowmobile:

  1. Keep the safety gap!
  2. On the mountain, in the forest we apply right hand rule!
  3. Do not near to the rift because it can fall under the weight of the snowmobile!
  4. Always be careful at the untouched places because the big white plain snow can be tricky and very dangerous!
  5. If you go up a steep hill and the snowmobile starts slowing down do not wait until it stop because than it will get stucked. If you come down on a hill and the snowmobile starts slipping, turn the wheel a little bit left and right directions, put the track crossed to have a bigger resistance for the snowmobile. It will stop soon.
  6. Any time you feel that you cannot control the snowmobile the best sollution is to jump into the soft snow because technics can be mended but it is more difficult in connection of a person.