Snowmobile information and common questions

What types of snowmobiles exist?
There are 3 main producers: Bombardier/Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat, Polaris

One Japanese: Yamaha

One European: Brand Lynx which belongs to the Bombardier group of companies, made in Scandinavia


Which worths buying?
It is a difficult question, like which is the best type of car. There are popular types like Ski-Doo és a Yamaha, but popularity chaneges in different countries.

For example in Romania there are big mountains with a huge amount o snow so the Ski-Doo deep snow sledges are the most popular, while in Slovakia and Hungary the shorter and faster sledges of Yamaha are prefered. Choice is determinded by the renewals int he newest versions and the weight of the snowmobiles. Every brand has a wide range of selection of snowmobiles from the children models to the racing sledges and even the machine tools as well.

How can i choose the most appropriate snowmobile for myself?
Before we buy a snowmobile we need to take into consideration many factors to avoid the feeling of „Why did I need it?” If we do it I am sure we will enjoy this special sport for a very long time.

The most important question is where it is going to be used. For how many people we buy it: one, two or three? For what aim do we need it: sport, hobby or working?

What is the defference between the big brands and what types do they have?

Every factory makes:

  • (deepsnow): size of the track: 146-162″
  • (crossover): 136-144″
  • (touring for 2 people): 136″
  • (performance): 121″-124″


The deepsnows:

They have long tracks or foot and because of their big teeth they are ideal for big, deep snow going up on a steep hill. In a little snow and on those roads which are covered by little snow they turn very heavily.

The crossovers:

It is like a van between the truck and the wagon. It tries to combine the advantages of the long and the short sledges. It is much faster and turns easier than the deepsnows but it turns heavier than the cross.


Buying a used snowmobile:

If you want to buy a used snowmobile you need to take into consideration more things.

If have a little money from 2-3000 euros you can buy 6-10-year-old two-cycled engine snowmobiles having moving back function and maybe automatic starter.The year of manufacture is less important because these sledges works just maximum 3 months a year. However people who have their own machine try to do everything to be able to use them as much as they can.

It worths checking:

– if the track and the teeth are not broken, the front trail is not faded,

– how loud the engine is

– if there is moving back function it works

– if the bearing support of the power axle and the wheel of the chain guide is ok

Snowmobiles can be tried even in summer if there is a big grassy area, filed available for it, but it can be done just for ashort time because it can heat up quickly.

Arctit Cat hószán logo

ARCTIC CAT motoros szánok

  • mélyhavi: M7, M8, M1000 – 700 – 1000 cm3 – 2 ütem – 153 – 162″ – 140 – 162 LE
  • crossover: crossfire
  • crosss: 500-700 cm3 – 2 ütem – 121″ – 70-140 LE
  • 2 személyes: Touring – 660 cm3 – 4 ütem – 136″ – 60 -110 LE (kapható Turbo motorral is)

Az Arctic Cat motorjait a Suzuki gyártja.


Polaris hószán logo

POLARIS motoros szánok

  • mélyhavi: RMK – 700-800cm3 2 ütem – 153″ – 154 LE
  • crossover: Switchback – 700-800 cm3 – 2 ütem – 144″ – 154 LE
  • cross: Super Sport, Rush, – 500-800 cm3 2 ütem – 121″ – 120-154 LE
  • 2 személyes: Touring – 550 – 700 cm3 2 ütem – 136″ – 70 – 140 LE

A Polarisnak van egy speciális 4 ütemű Turbó motorja, amely 750cm3 – és 140 LE, a mélyhavi kivételével a többi modelljébe választható!


Ski-Doo hószán logo

SKI-DOO motoros szánok

  • mélyhavi: Summit – 600 – 800 cm3 – 2 ütem – 146 – 162″ – 151 LE
  • crossover: Renegade – 600-800 cm3 – 2 ütem – 137″ – 125 – 151 LE
  • cross: MXZ – 600 – 800 cm3 – 2 ütem – 121″ – 125 – 151 LE
  • 2 személyes: Touring – 550-700 cm3 2 ütem – 136″ – 70 – 140 LE

A Ski-Doo-nak is létezik 4 ütemű változata, de főleg csak a kétszemélyesbe rakják. A Ski-Doo motorjait kivétel nélkül a ROTAX Austria gyártja.


Yamaha hószán logo

YAMAHA motoros szánok

  • mélyhavi:
    • APEX Mountain – 1000 cm3 – 4 ütem – 162″ – 150 LE
    • Nitro Mountain – 1000 cm3 – 4 ütem – 153″ – 130 LE
  • crossover:
    • Attack – 1000 cm3 – 4 ütem – 136″ – 150 LE
    • Nitro XTX – 1000 cm3 – 4 ütem – 144″ – 130 LE
  • cross: APEX – 1000 cm3 – 4 ütem – 121″ – 150 LE

A Yamaha kizárólag 4 ütemű gépeket készít 3 és 4 hengereseket. 3 hengeres Nitrot azért dobták piacra, mert kisebb súlya miatt könnyebben felveszi a versenyt a kétüteműekkel.



Frequently repeated questions and answers in connection with snowmobiles

Which is better: the two- or the four- cycled engine nowmobile?
There is no perfect answer for this question. It depends on what we would like to use it for. The advantage of the two-cycled engine one is the light weight, the four cycled engine one is torqued, have smaller consumption and has a better sound. For trips and work the four cycled engine one if offered, but of course there are always exceptions. For racing just the two cycled engine one is suitable.


What is the deepsnow sledge?
These models have longer tracks, bigger teeth so they can hold on better. The basic ones have track from 21 to136 col, and teeth with 0,75″-1,25″. Snowmobiles which have size over these are considered deepsnow ones or crossovers. Real deepsnow sledges have teeth: 2″ or over of it. They work well in deep snow but on hard snow they are slower and can turn more difficultly.


Why is it good to have spikes in the track?
The advantage of the tacking is that we can go on ice as well if we were going on bitumen. There is a perfect conection between th sledge and the road which results in incredible speeding and fast stopping on ice. Without tacking it could happen as well that we would not be able to start on icy road which we can meet afer melting when it freezes again, which can be very dangerous as well.


Do we need to take extra petrol on a trip?
Usually not, a full tank, 40 liters, is usually enough for a whole day trip, but it depends on the condition of the snow, the load of the vehicle and of course from the ccm.


How big engine worths buying for the first time?
Snowmobiles have engine from 340 ccm.


How much snow is needed to be able to use the snowmobile?
Minimum 20-30cm, buta t this case you need to pay attention to the rocks, tunks, stones. Over 1 meter you can use your machine without any problem.


How much roadworthy are these vehicles?
If they are serviced prperly you do not need to worry about the mechanical problems. They need to be fixed mostly just because of breaking them.


What happens if the snowmobile turns over?
Nothing. You just need to roll it back and you can continue your trip. But it happens very rarely.


If it stops on the mountain and I am alone what can I do?
The most important rule: You must not go on a trip alone!!!!


What clothing is needed for snowmobiling?
Fort he beginnig skiing clothes can be good as well with thick gloves, winter boots. Of course there are special snowmobiling clothes, if you buy a sledge you should buy a set of it as well. The apropriate helmet is very important because a steamy plexi glass can ruin the experience.

Can these vehicles be tuninged?
Of course they can, there is no limit in it, for example a four-cycled engine snowmobile with 150 HP can become a machine with 250-300 HP .


What extras can be ordered?
There are many accessories for snowmobiles, for example: different types of protectors, special bags, self starter, many things for the running gear…etc.


What is the life-expectancy of the tracks?
In ideal conditions, in 1-2 meter deep snow, it is the same with the life expectancy of the snowmobile.


I saw that the front ski of the sledge are made from plastic, how long do they work?
Just the cover of them is plastic, ont he buttom, there is a special hard cover which can hit the snow and the ice as well. If the yare worn out, they can be changed but they are very permanent as well.


What kind of oil is needed for the snowmobiles?
The four-cycled engine ones need: OW30. The two-cycled engine ones can be added just fully synthetic lubricant. Pay attention to the quality of the oil!


Does it worth changing the tracks to another type?
Yes, int hat case if we are not satisfied with the size of the teeth. We can buy longer tracks, or tracks with deep, bigger teeth.

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