New and used snowmobile showroom, renting and service

Motoros szán túra szervezés - csapatépítés

If you have any question do not hesitate to get in contact with our colleague:

Zsolt Vitez
+36 30 279 2562
Attila Tisza
+36 30 682 7315
Anna Vitez
+36 30 999 6082
Ferenc Andras
+40 75 616 8482

Address  4. Fehérkő st.   ZIP: 2151 City:Fót

Opening hours

 Monday to Friday: 9-18, Saturday: 9-13

In our salon beyond a wide range of new snowmobiles you can choose from a huge collection of used snowmobiles and quads/ATV’s as well. We provide professional service for the snowmobiles and quads out of order.

360° interactive pano:

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