Servicing and mending of the snowmobiles and sledges

Snowmobiles must be serviced at least once in a year or if you use it a lot after every 1000-1500 kms. These vehicles do not require too much attention but some of their parts must be checked. In Hungary there is just one snowmobile service garage, our company, but we can provide everything for those some hundred people who do snowmobiling in Hungary or in the nearby countries. Our garage is well equiped and we have excellent technicians who can solve every problem. From Romania we deliver the machines free even for servicing or for tuning. We are the best at providing new or second hand accessory parts in the region. The snowmobiles are made in the USA so the screws and the tools for them are special.

The snowmobiles consist of two main parts: the engine and the drive.
There are two types of engines: ( two- and four cycle)

  • Two-cycle engine:
    If you hear the sound of these engines do not think of the Trabant or Wartburg cars. However their way of working is similar but their power is more of them. The newest injector types (with power velve) have a power of 150 HP. Oil is added separately to the petrol and their enviroment pollution is much less than their predecessors.They are able to work on 10 000 RPM without any problem. Because of their light weight the special snowmobiles are all two-cycled.
  • Four-cycle engine:
    YAMAHA is the leader of this market, however it was not so difficult for them to reach this position because they just borrowed the engine of the R1 motorbike, modified a bit and put it into the snowmobile. The newest ones have injectors as well with about 150 HP. They have very good sound and they are very torqued. The POLARIS 4 cycle-engine 750cm3 Turbo has 140 HP which is very good for the ¾ liter consumption.


Drive train
The engine gives the power through a variatored clutch to the power axle. The scooters have the same system of drive, so there is an angle belt which is the weakest part of the system. There is a chain between the power axle and the axle of the track or there is annulus drive. These run in closed space in oil. In some of the types thereverse-idler structure can be found here as well. The track-depending on the use of it- can be eternal.


Moving back with snowmobiles:

It is very simple with the two-cycle engine ones. You just need to push a button, the electronics changes the direction of the rotation of the engine and the snowmobile starts moving backwards. If you push this button again the snowmobile starts moving ahead. It has a big advantage that it breaks down vary rarely because there is not mechanical component. At the snowmobiles with four-cycle engine the mechanical reversing can be found in the drive train which can be moved or switched by a lever.


Starting the engine:

At the two-cycled engine snowmobiles there is always a recoil starter assembly, the automaticstarter can be ordered as an extra. Just as an extra information, most of the people order the snowmobiles without this device. The four-cycled engine snowmobiles can started just by the automatic starter.

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