Snowmobile tuning

Our company deals with the tuning and other parts of the following manofacturers:

  • SLP – tailpipe, clutch, electronics, running gears
  • Dynojet – control devices (CDI)
  • Wiseco – piston, handle, packings
  • Kimpex – pistons
  • L.A. Sleeve – sleeve insert
  • Hot Rods – handles
  • V-Force – reeds
  • Boyesen Racing – power packs
  • Moose Racing – power Madd – KOSO – Pro Armor
  • HoleShot Armor – SNOStuff – Camoplast Tracks

If you do not find something call us and we will get it for you!

Four-cycled engine

Tailpipe tuning:
Mostly YAHAHA deals with a very good quality product on a very good price. These are produced by the Hungarian Bódis Company, which supplies more Germany motor racing teams with tailpipe tuning. Two yoears ago it became the first tailpipe producing company in Europe, overtaking the Yosimurát and the Akrapovic! The exhaust box gives a very good sound and adds 4-5HP to the machine.


It can be bought for the Yamaha snowmobiles. After building in the regulable device we set int he optimal data and we can add even 10 HP extra.

Two-cycled engine

Exhaust pipe tuning:
Unfortunately just the american brands have them so they are quite expensive. They are quite complicated structures so they will not be produced in Europe. Using them results a quiter two-cycled engine sound and they add 7-10 HP extra.


Cloutch tuning:
Manufacturing cloutch sets can be found which the shifting time of the variator so the snowmobile starts much faster and intense but the final speed can somtimes decrease. This kind of tuning are mostly used by the deep snow snowmobileres.

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