Special offer for new and second-hand snowmobiles and sleds


Serviced new and second-hand snowmobiles with 12-month warranty.  You can choose from a wide range of selection of snowmobiles for different needs, even for trips or races.


Új szánok érkeznek 2015 október elején!
Folyamatos árcsökkenés az egy éven túl raktáron levő modelleknél!!!

Incredible offer

2015 Ski Doo Summit 800 ETEC 154″ with 300km 10.500 EUR net! korlátozott darabszám
2015 Polaris RMK 800 155″ 540km Price coming soon!

Reduced priced products ( Not full list)

You can find furher items at our premise

2013 Polaris RMK 600 6500 Euro netto
2014 Polaris RMK 600 7500 Euro netto
2014 Polaris RMK 800 8900 Euro netto
2014 Polaris Voyager 550 5900 Euro netto
2014 ArcticCat T570 Touring 5900 Euro netto
2014 Ski Doo Summit 800 eTec 9500 Euro netto
2008 Ski-Doo 800 Summit 163″ from 7500-to-6500 Euro netto.
2011 Polaris RMK 800 155″ from 6900-to-6400 Euro netto.
2004 Arctic Cat Sabercat700. from 3900-to-3200 Euro netto.
2007 Polaris FST Turbo from 5300-to-4500 Euro netto.
2007 Polaris Switchback Turbo 144″ from 5900-to-5200 Euro netto.
2006 Polaris Switchback Turbo 144″ from 4900-to-4200 Euro netto.
2004 Ski Doo Legend 1000 from 4500-to-3900 Euro netto.
2006 Ski Doo 1000 SDI Summit from 4950-to-4500 Euro netto.
2012 Ski Doo Summit 800 E-tec 154″ from 9500-to-8500 Euro netto.
2009 Ski Doo Summit X Limited Edition 800 154″ from 8500-to-7500 Euro netto.
2006 Ski Doo Match Z 1000 SDI from 3900-to-3200 Euro netto.
2009 Yamaha RS Viking (200 km) from 8500-to-7900 Euro netto.


We provide servicing and renting of the new and used snowmobiles with short deadline for people who are interested in riding quad and snowmoblie. We have more than one hundred different types of quads and snowmobiles with differents power. We provide parts for all types. You can choose as well from a huge selection of accessories as well. We can purchaes anything and put it on in our garage. We can help you with selling and compensation of used vehicles. We can be your partners in organising snowmobile trips where experienced guides help you to gain new experiences.

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