The snowmobiling experience!

It is a topic like that which cannot be explained or descibed with words, neither with the help of photoes or videos. It is like that if we want to explain someone love who has never been in love yet.

Imagine the sparkling snow, the chilly fresh air filled with the smell of pine trees where there is no distance. Skiing is a great experience as well but here speed depends on just your abilities. If you ski you cannot experience the feeling when you ride your snowmobile on a hill with a speed of 100 km/h. The scene keeps changing and we can meet many wild animals which cannot be seen in any other seasons. It is a very exhausting activity. You use all of your muscles. After riding the snowmobile for some hours we cannot wait to relax. This activity is very suitable for total entertainment, and it fills up your lungs with fresh air.

Our photoes which were taken during our trips can just show you partly the wonderful scene, the incredible amount and view of snow and the good atmposhere what our guest feel while taking part in our trips: