Legal background of snowmobiling

In Hungary snowmobiling is not regulated in law. It cannot run ont he roads without the signallig devices. All vehicles are banned to enter the national parks.

On the other hand snowmobiles are much safer mean of tarnsport on the roads in big snow than any other vehicle. In the forest they do not do any harm int he enviroment because they go on the surpace of the snow. The newer types have catalyst so the level of air pollution is minimal. If you ride snowmobile at unknown places it worths collection information previously about the area (national parks, private area).

It happened more times that we met policemen at the petrol station or ont he roads but beyond stonishment nothing else happened. Nowadays it is not common to meet snowmobile on the roads. We hope it is not going to happen to this group of people which happened to the community of quad riders who need to face with dislike and are chased by the police and enviroment protectors because of what some irresponsible mates have done.

Just as an interesting information, last winter a snowmobiler came to our salon from the countryside by his snowmobile on the motorway M3.

The neighbouring countries have different point of view but there is not magisteral warning anywhere.

Austria-Italy: It is almost forbidden , except at private areas, but at many skii resorts people can use their snowmobiles next to the ski-truck but just when the lift is stopped. But it must be arranged previously!

Slovakia: Int he national parks the guards who wear green clothes always quarrel with people who ride their snowmobiles, especially if they are foreigners, mostly Hungarians.

Romania: There is not any ruling, many people use snowmobiles. Maybe the best places can be found here. Transylvania is magical, people are friendly and hospitable and there are resonable prices.

If somebody travels abroad to ride snowmobile you need to start dealing with the owner of the hotel because it is his intrest that his guest has a good time during his holiday.